The following varieties are available NOW in LEAF More LEAF available as we continue our Harvest here at Puterbaugh Farms. Click to Shop: CASCADE CASHMERE CENTENNIAL COLUMBUS EL DORADO® LEGACY® MAGNUM MT HOOD WILLAMETTE ZAPPA™ Hop [ PELLETS ] will...

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Fresh { Wet } Hops Available!

Taste of harvest - Fresh off the vine, straight from our farm to your brewery!  The following varieties will be available as they are harvested here on our farm: Amarillo // Belma // Cascade // Cashmere // Chinook // Cluster...

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2019 Hop Pellets

Our T90 Pellet Mill is running full speed, processing a portion of our Hop Leaf to Pellet form! Varieties will be available in Pellet form in the order they are processed.  2019 PELLETS AVAILABLE NOW: AMARILLO AZACCA CASCADE CASHMERE CENTENNIAL...

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Officially in harvest here at Puterbaugh Farms! HOP LEAF AVAILABLE NOW! More released as we continue harvesting ... Follow @hopsdirect for updates & views of our hop madness.