We love our customers.

Curious where our hops go once they leave our Farm? We’ve featured a few places where you can taste the fruits of our labor, smell the aroma of hop country and inspire you to go for that farm fresh green for your next brew.

Featured below are a handful of those who believe in family owned and going straight to the source; they stand behind our product and believe with us that shopping small is a BIG deal.

We are thankful for their friendship and consider them part of our family.
Taste our hops, straight from our farm – keep an eye peeled for these brews near you! Cheers.
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No-Li Brewhouse

Brewing beer with no boundaries

Try our Belma® pellets in No-Li’s Big Juicy IPA and our Chinook and Cascade pellets in their Born and Raised IPA.

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Reuben’s Brews

Try our Amarillo® pellets in Crikey IPA, brewed with love by Reuben’s Brews in Seattle, Washington.

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Saranac Brewery

Try our Cluster, Centennial and Chinook pellets in Saranac Brewery’s Legacy IPA.

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Seismic Brewing

Brewed to a greater magnitude

Try our Belma® pellets in Seismic Brewing’s Shatter Cone IPA.

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Two Beers Brewing

Life is just a little more honest after two beers

Try our Cascade pellets in Two Beers Brewing’s Immersion IPA. Our Perle pellets in their Philchuck Pilsner. Our Legacy, Cascade and Mosaic® pellets in their Wonderland IPA and our Centennial and Cluster pellets in their Fresh Hop IPA.

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Yeungling Brewery

America’s Oldest Brewery

Try our Saaz and Hallertau pellets in Yeungling Brewery’s Golden Pilsner and our Cluster and Cascade pellets in their Traditional Lager.

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Parish Brewing

Delicious Craft Beer Brewed in Louisiana

Try our Citra® pellets in Parish Brewing’s Ghost in the Machine and DDH Envie brews.

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St. Austell Brewery

Try our Willamette pellets in St. Austell’s Proper Job Cornish IPA.

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Wormtown Brewery

A Piece of Mass in Every Glass

Try our Cascade pellets in Wormtown Brewing’s Be Hoppy IPA and Be Hoppier IPA. Our Columbus pellets in their Hopulence DIPA and our Amarillo pellets in Buddah’s Juice.

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Thanks for your great customer service. I have been buying your hops for some time and you never disappoint me. The package just arrived.

Thanks again.

Randy, CA

Thanks for your help. It's always nice to deal with a company that has great customer service. I look forward to ordering more hops from you in the future.

Mike, CA

Looking forward to brewing. You guys are great! You've definitely got a committed customer from here out.

Brent, Canada

I just wanted to thank you for a very e cient service and fast shipping.

Best regards, David

I am thrilled with the quality of your hops I purchased this spring. I have been delighted with them. I've honestly never opened a bag of hops and been floored by the aroma like this! Just magnificent. You can count on orders from me again!

Canadian Brewer of the Year 2012

Jared, Canada

You guys have by far the best selection and prices of hops. I will never order from anywhere else. Keep up the great work!! -Nick

Nick M., Mullica Hill, NJ

I just wanted to tell you that I live on the Big Island in Hawaii where it is frequently di cult to obtain brewing ingredients. But since my local brew store has bought from you he always has fresh quality hops. Thanks so much!

JD, Hawaii

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding service, my hops arrived well on time. Many thanks once again for such great service.

Pat M., South Africa

Specifically I would like to thank you for your dedication in bringing new varieties to the home-brew marketplace. The quality that I continue to receive when doing business with you is top notch, and more importantly I continue more and more to feel that I am always brewing with the world’s finest hops. Being able to buy new varieties along with my old favorites, makes late fall an exciting time to be a Brewer every year! Know that there are some east coast brewers touting the virtues of your Yakima Valley love...

Chris K. / Concord Area Homebrewers, Center Barnstead, NH

Just want to say I am very pleased with your service, fast response and good deliv- ery time, I ordered hops 10th of August and goods arrived to my home (Iceland) 23 of august,

Well done all of you

Arnbjorn, Iceland

We love working with Diana, Taylor, Danica, Carla, and the rest of the Puterbaugh/Hops Direct team. They not only care about the quality of their hops, they care about our success as a customer and partner. Our best beers use Puterbaugh hops!

Parish Brewing Company

Working with Hops Direct / Puterbaugh Farms is a unique experience. Being multi-generational and vertically integrated allows their passion of hop farming, highest quality picking, pelletizing, and packing to show in the hops that arrive at Wormtown Brewery. In turn, those hops shine through in our beers.

Wormtown Brewery

I love ordering your hops and soaps. Thanks for offering such great products. It's not often that you see family owned business succeed this day in age.

Ty, Illinois

Thank you for continuing to sell to the homebrewers and small brewers through- out the US.


To all the great staff I have received my hop order today. Just a very short note to say "THANKS" as you all must be very busy this time of year. Please pass on my thanks to all involved in the processing. I am MOST IMPRESSED with your service, and the constant communication with my order. Wish more organizations did this. A true credit to your company.

I look forward to ordering more hops same time next year.

Graham, Australia

I know you're all stupendously busy with the harvest right now and I just wanted to say thanks for getting my order to me in such a short time! 6 days from you to Australia is incredible! Can't wait until the new seasons hops are pelletized and ready to ship. Keep up the good work!

Damian, Australia

I have just received my package today. Thanks for the ultra fast service, safe pack- aging too. I'll speak of you.

Thanks thousand times


Just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work! I just received my 1lb bag of Hoppy Sleepy tea. It is an incredible product and I received it (Philadelphia, PA) in approx 3 days which is unbelievable! I will continue to order from you guys. Once my brewing pick up to larger batches I will definitely be ordering my hops from you guys too!

Again, Thanks and keep up the good work!!!


I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic customer service! I’ll do much more business with you in the future and I’ll spread the word to my brewing brethren!

Chris Cole, SC

I got my hops yesterday and just wanted to drop you a note to express my thanks for the quick service.

Rich A., IL

I have thought highly of Hops Direct for quite some time. You can count on me to continue ordering. Hops Direct has developed quite a reputation on the Home brewing message board that I frequent.

Jim J., WA

I just wanted to say thanks for another awesome order. I’ve been telling everyone to buy hops from your company. Thanks again. Excited to turn these hops into beer.

Andy H., UT

Let me express my appreciation and delight with your company. You can be assured that I shall highly recommend your company to whomever I discuss home brewing topics, and I shall eagerly pur- chase from you again.

Keith Miller, CA

At Seismic, we put a high value on the relationships we have with our partner growers and farmers. Being connected to the agriculture of hops and barley translates to better ingredients, better process, and better beer.

The wonderful team at Hops Direct and Puterbaugh Farms gives us that strong farmer-to-brewer connection that we feel makes all in difference in making world-class beer.

Seismic Brewing

I just wanted to send a quick note about the amazing customer service I just received. I have been waiting for a few hop varieties and unfortunately missed them by a few days. I called and a very nice woman picked up and allowed me to get my order in! She was also very polite and pleasant to speak to. You don’t see that much these days, so I wanted to send a nice email. I am not sure who I spoke with but wanted to express my gratitude. I order from you guys every year and will continue to for years to come. THANK YOU!

Dave W.

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