Hoppy Wax Melts (3.25oz.)



Choose your favorite scent and toss it in your wax warmer! They will fill your room with a gentle scent and create a cozy atmosphere.

Hoppy Camper- Fresh air, the river and cedar… close your eyes & float the river…(at home in your comfy chair of course! ))

Hop Apple Pie- Mmmm… not sure if it gets any better than the spicy cinnamon scent of Hop Apple pie right out of the oven..

Hops n Raspberry Jam- oh the smell of Fresh Raspberry Jam and a hint of hops… I’ll  have toast with that…

Hop Days of Summer- Enjoy a fresh summer day & get together with melon, cucumber & berries…Suns out Buns out!


Wax, Essential Oils, Hops and Natural Botanicals

Our Hoppy Wax Melts are handmade here at the farm, thoughtfully formulated with all-natural ingredients including our farm-grown hops. Soothing to the mind, we hand-craft our Hoppy Wax Melts to reflect the relaxing and calming qualities of hops. 

While FDA regulations forbid us from making specific claims about the health benefits of our essential oil blends, know that all scents are created with aromatherapy use in mind.


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