Fresh Hop Vines



Our hop vines are only available during hop harvest, typically August 15th through September 15th. Fresh hop vines are approximately 16-20 feet long and 2 feet wide.

We select and cut your vine(s) here at our farm by hand upon order. Full and heavy with hop cones, the fresh vines will take your senses straight to the farm.

As they are a live plant, to ensure optimum freshness and quality, Next Day Air is the only shipping option. We ship our Fresh Hop Vines Monday through Thursday.

We suggest hanging your vine(s) to dry in a low traffic area, protected from weather, immediately after their arrival. Please note:  once dried, they are very fragile, so we advise NOT moving them. 

If left untouched and protected from traffic and weather, they should last all year round, including a preserved green color. 

Our Fresh Hop Vines are $34.50 each. Please contact us for availability and a shipping quote, providing your mailing zip code. or1.888.972.3626

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