The Origins of Belma

Fall in love with the sweet strawberry aroma and robust nature of our best-kept secret.


Pellet Leaf

“I get a good balance of all the flavors you’re looking for in hops through Belma hops.”
– Devan Faulkner Brewer, NoLi Brewhouse

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, citrus, melon, and ripe grapefruit.

Alpha Acid: 8.5% - 11.3%

Recommended Beer Styles: Pale Ales, NEIPA (Hazy), IPA’s, Saisons, Porters

Brewing Tips: Great for dry-hoping and for a late hop addition.

Pairing: Belma® pairs well with High alpha varieties such as Citra®, Idaho 7™, El Dorado®, Columbus; and other dual-purpose varieties such as Cashmere, Huell Melon, Hallertau Blanc.

Proudly grown here at Puterbaugh Farms in Yakima Valley, Washington and Willamette Valley, Oregon.

“These brewers are ecstatic over a hop. If you don’t have the right ingredients, you’re not gonna be able to make a good beer. I think we put out a good hop so they can make a good beer.”
- Stacy Puterbaugh, Hops Direct, LLC.

“Belma packs a punch of strawberry and melon while staying clean and distinct for use in a wide variety of styles.”
– Seismic Brewing


It all started with a little hop seed.

Growing amongst the Cascades and Centennials

who felt a bit out-of-place

This little gal was a long way from home.

Carried by wind and soaked by rain,

she became stuck to the bottom

of a farmer’s shoe and stomped

into the ground like a stone.

She watched as the other little seeds

were nurtured by the land of milk and honey

while she laid in the shadow of a picking machine,

ever so lonely.

But this little hop seed never lost hope

For she had come so far already:

from a land across the sea.

The daughter of Magnum and Kitamadori,

She had so much to offer to a brewer’s delight.

Notes of strawberry, and melon -unique from the others.

Hints of grapefruit and citrus wonders.

There was no time for despair.

So she stretched her feet until two tiny roots took hold.

As she reached through the earth the sky she behold.

She clung to the rust of the old picking machine

and scurried her way up to finally be seen.

Along came the farmer, a curious one at that,

Who peered upon her, surprised by her stat.

So he grabbed his old sheers and

clipped off a sample for this mystery he must untangle.

Alas, her origins were known.

And the little hop was celebrated and

cherished and grown.

Once a seed left forgotten

Now known by the name of the road

that leads to the homestead where our story began.

Her name is Belma®. A sweet old name.

And now you know, from where she came.

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