Tahoma - Leaf



2020 Crop  

Alpha Acid 6-7.5%

Aroma Hop with Citrus, Lemon, Grapefruit, and Pine notes.

Typical Brewing Style

Blonde Ale, Wheat, Lager 

Possible Substitution

Cascade, Glacier 

Domestic Hop Leaf

U.S. grown leaf hops are kiln dried, compressed hop cones that embody the specific qualities of the particular variety along with the unique characteristics resulting from their field of growth, growing season and farm practices. Available in various unit sizes, sealed in an oxygen-free mylar bag and stored in our cold storages here on our farm until delivery straight to you. 

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Officially in harvest here at Puterbaugh Farms! HOP LEAF AVAILABLE NOW! More released as we continue harvesting ... Follow @hopsdirect for updates & views of our hop madness.