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Our Rhizome Season has ended, thank you for your orders and best of luck with your green thumb this year. Rhizomes available again March 2020.

Tahoma typically matures late-season. They grow well in most climates with good resistance to mildew and pests. It is a daughter of Glacier, so expect similar growing conditions. Train on a trellis or fence. Vine grows 20-25 ft. in one season.

Alpha Acid range of 6 - 7.5%

Tahoma is an aroma variety with citrus, lemon, grapefruit and pine notes. 

Typical Brewing Styles: Blonde, Wheat, Lager.

Please note: We ship only within the Contiguous US, excluding Oregon and Idaho counties: Bonner and Kootenai.

You can reference these links to see how we grow and train our rhizomes here on the farm:

Oregon Hop Commission // USA Hops 

Visit our Hops TV channel on YouTube to watch how we do things here at Puterbaugh Farms.

We appreciate your business and wish you the best this growing season.

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