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  • ADMIRAL UK -- Pellets
    ADMIRAL UK -- Pellets
    $12.25 / lb 2016 HarvestAlpha Acid: 10.9%Bittering hop with a citrusy, orange flavor. Typical Brewing Style: Ales, Lager, and Porter. Possible Substitution: Challenger or Northdown. Great compliment with Target...
  • Ariana -- Type 90 Hop Pellets
    Ariana -- Type 90 Hop Pellets
    2016 Harvest $14.90 / lb.Alpha Acid 9.5% Dual Purpose Hops with black currant, peaches, tropical fruit, grapefruit, gooseberry, citrus, and vanilla notes...Ariana is a new hop we are carrying this year, pleaselet us know...
  • BRAMLING CROSS UK -- Pellets
    BRAMLING CROSS UK -- Pellets
    $13.15/ lb. Alpha Acid: 5.2% Dual Purpose hop with a fruity, spicy blackcurrant aroma Typical Brewing Style: Golden Ale, Bitter, Rye Ale, IPA, Stout, Imperial Stout, Pale Ale Possible Substitution: WGV (Whitbred...
    2016 HARVEST Gr. Calista Pellets $14.90 / LB. Alpha Acid 3.9%Aroma Hop with Apricot, blackberry, raspberry, passion fruit, peach grapefruit and gooseberry notes.Gr. Calista pellets is a new variety we are carrying this...
  • CHALLENGER UK-- Pellets
    CHALLENGER UK-- Pellets
    $12.50/ lb. 2016 HARVESTAlpha Acid: 8.4% Dual Purpose hop with a fine aroma, and spicy, fresh, cedar, green tea scent. Typical Brewing Style: English Ale, Porter, Stout, ESD, Bitter, Barley Wine, and Brown Ale...
  • EAST KENT GOLDING -- Pellets
    EAST KENT GOLDING -- Pellets
    $13.00 / lb Alpha Acid: 8.1%  Aroma hop with a delicate, fragrant, pleasant, soft, spicy, honey, earthy aroma. Typical Brewing Style: English Ale, and Belgian Ale. Possible Substitution: US Golding, Fuggle,...
  • FUGGLES UK -- Pellets
    FUGGLES UK -- Pellets
    $16.30/ lb. 2016 Harvest Alpha Acid: 2.3%  Aroma Hop: mild, soft, pleasant, spicy, grassy, minty, woodsy,  mushroom and earthy comfort. Typical Brewing Styles: All English-style Ales, ESB, Bitter,...
  • HALLERTAU BLANC--Type 90 Hop Pellets
    HALLERTAU BLANC--Type 90 Hop Pellets
    $14.05 / lb. Alpha Acid 5.4% Aroma Hop with notes of cassis and elderflower, grapes, grapefruit and lemongrass. Other notes  passion fruit, pineapple and gooseberry. Typical Brewing Styles:  IPA, Belgian...
  • Herkules Type 90 Hop Pellets
    Herkules Type 90 Hop Pellets
    $8.30/ lb. Alpha Acid 13.5% Bittering hop with spicy, floral notes, and hint of melon, black pepper and pine. Typical Brewing Styles: Gr. Style...
  • HERSBRUCKER GR -- Pellets
    HERSBRUCKER GR -- Pellets
    $15.61 / lb HERSBRUCKER GR Type 90 Hop Pellets  Alpha Acid: 1.6% Aroma hop with a mild to semi-strong herbal, floral, hoppy aroma. Typical Brewing Styles: Lager, Pilsner, Bock, Weizen Bock, Wheat, Belgian Ale,...
    $14.90/ lb.Alpha Acid: 6.2% Aroma Hop with pleasant fruity, honeydew melon,strawberry flavors.Typical Brewing Styles: Belgians and IPA's Possible Subs:...
  • JESTER ® Type 90 Hop Pellets
    JESTER ® Type 90 Hop Pellets
    SOLD OUT. Thank your for your orders.Alpha acid 6.9% Aroma hop with intense, punchy aroma with flavor notes of grapefruit and tropical fruits. Brewing Style : Pale Ale, Possible Subs: Cascade,...
    $14.90/ lb. Alpha Acid: 3.7%Aroma Hop with lemony, grapefruit, spicy, earthy notes. Typical Brewing Style: Pilsners, Lagers, Belgian Ales Czec Republic...
  • MANDARINA BAVARIA Type 90 Hop Pellets
    MANDARINA BAVARIA Type 90 Hop Pellets
    2016 Harvest$14.90/ LBAlpha Acid 6.6% - 7.5% Aroma hop with fruity and sweet notes. A very distinctive tangerine citrus aroma and flavor. Typical Brewing Styles: Belgian Ales, French Ales, and Hefeweizen.Possible...
  • Minstrel T-90 Hop Pellets
    Minstrel T-90 Hop Pellets
     SOLD OUT, THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDERS. Alpha Acid 4.2% Aroma Hop with Herbal, Orange and Spiced Berry aromas. Typical Brewing Style: Very new variety; Possibly wheat or a summer lager Possible Substitution: ClusterUK...
  • MITTELFRUH GR -- Pellets
    MITTELFRUH GR -- Pellets
      SOLD OUT. 2016 Harvest Thank you for your order, please check backFall/Winter of 2017 Alpha Acid: 3.9% Aroma hop with mild and pleasant herbal, floral, grassy, hoppy notes. Typical Brewing Styles: Lager,...
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